Monday, April 23, 2018

DNA Day 2018 Sales - ACT NOW

National DNA Day is April 25 and the sales have started are in full swing, bargains galore!

AncestryDNA has announced their "Lowest price of the year!" of $59 (Excludes taxes and shipping).  If you buy three kits your shipping is free.  The sale ends 4/29

Family Tree DNA has a number of specials.  Autosomal DNA test is $49, you save $30 from the normal $79 price.   Y-DNA 37 is $30 off = $139.  Sale ends on April 28, 2018.

23andMe has their "Ancestry Kit" on sale for $69 and the "Health + Ancestry Kit" on sale for $139.

MyHeritageDNA (England) has their autosomal DNA (atDNA) for only $69.  This might be of use if you have English roots.  The sale ends 4/25.

LivingDNA (England) has their all in one test (atDNA, Y-DNA and mtDNA) for $79.99 ("+ Delivery - Limited Time discount").

If you are interested in a kit, these are some of the lowest prices available.  Do not dawdle.  If you want to test or have a family member test, this is the time for bargains.    

Our May DIG Meeting will be on May 9.  Do you have a topic to discuss?  Please get back to me with suggestions.    MIKE  Sunday  4/22/2018   2130 PDT