Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Cyber Monday DNA Sales Have Started!!!

If you are considering purchasing DNA kits for Christmas presents (even for yourself), NOW MAY BE THE TIME!!! 

AncestryDNA is advertising ”Our lowest price ever* won’t last forever” $49 kit + shipping.  *Excludes 3rd party re-seller sites.  **Offer ends November 26, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET.  Excludes taxes and shipping.  The normal shipping cost is $10 +.  If you have Amazon Prime and you order from Amazon, you may save a few cents and get the kit(s) in two days 

Family Tree DNA offers “Lowest Price = $39, Reduced Shipping, Reduced Shipping = $9.95 per kit,  and New Packaging.  This is definitely the lowest price ever.  In the past, FTDNA has offered special Christmas Season coupons for discounts on their different tests.  If those coupons arrive again¸ I will do my best to get the bargains out to you.

23andMe WAS offering “Ancestry Service Kits” for $49 per kit when you buy two + kits that ended 11/22.  They are expected to have a similar offer for Cyber Monday.,

MyHeritageDNA offered their kit for $49 for Black Friday and are expected to have a similar offer for Cyber Monday.

MIKE Witesman  Your DNA Mentor    Sunday   11/25/2018  1400 PST