Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday DNA Sales       -

If you thought the Christmas DNA sales were great, look quickly at the Cyber Monday (and some carryover from Good Friday) specials 

AncestryDNA has is $59 ($40 reduction).  The sale ends today!  I expect you will also pay the normal shipping cost of $9.95.

Family Tree DNA has "Family Finder" for $49 ENDING TODAY!  Y-DNA 37 continues at $129 and more.

If you are planning to order a Y-DNA test, I have $20 off coupons (good until 11/19/2017) that may get you an even better deal.  Email me soon to get the Promo Code for the discount.

23andMe has a Cyber Monday offer or $30 off per Ancestry kit = $69 and $100 off per kit if you buy two Ancestry and Health kits.  ENDS TONIGHT!

MyHeritageDNA (England) has their Autosomal DNA (atDNA) for $50 off = $49.  Offer ends 11/27/2017. 

LivingDNA (England) has their all in one test (atDNA, Y-DNA and mtDNA) at $70 off = $89 + delivery.  This might be of use if you have English roots. 

Questions ???  Send me an email or call.  I expect the sales will continue through December.  I (and others) will have FTDNA discount coupons each week.  Go to dnashastadig.blogspot,com for updates.  MIKE  Monday  11/27/2017   1430 PST    

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